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Ottoman Government
Prime Ministry
Office of the Foreign Affairs
About the delegations to be sent to the provinces
To the Ministry of Defense
In relation to military and public security, it has been understood there are misusings and illegal practices in sending of the Armenians to intended places. For the performing of the necessary investigations and sending of the perpetrators to the Military Courts three commissions have been formed: the first commission is composed of Seyit Haşim Bey, member of the Council of State, Major Galip Bey of Gendarme Forces, and will be chaired by the president of the Court of Appeal Hulûsi Bey, this commission will undertake the issues in the vilayets of Hüdavendigar [Bursa], Ankara, and in Izmit, Karesi [Balıkesir], Eskişehir, Karahisar-i Sahip [Afyon], Kayseri, and Niğde sanjacks; the second commission is composed of Lieutenant Colonel Hüseyin Muhittin, regional inspector of the gendarme forces in Izmir, Muhtar Bey, inspector of the civil services in Ankara, this commission, chaired by Asım Bey, the first president of the Court of Appeals, will work in the vilayets of Adana, Haleppo, Syria, and in Maraş, Urfa and Zor sanjacks; the third commission is composed of Nihat Bey, attorney of the Court of First Instance, Major Ali Naki Bey of the Gendarme forces, and chaired by the former governor of Bitlis, will work in the vilayets of Erzurum, Trabzon, Sivas, Mamuretülaziz [Elazığ], Diyarbakır, Bitlis, and in Canik sanjack. The members of the committees will be paid the same amount with that of the members of the committee that previously undertook investigations pertaining the Greek issue; each committee will be given a secretary who
will be paid some allotment for the travel expenses and 40 kuruş (1/100 lira) daily. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will meet further expenditures that are to arise from unknown circumstances; this request has been approved by the Council of Ministers and forwarded to the relevant offices.
September 30, 1915
On behalf of the Prime Minister
Permanent Undersecretary
The committees to be sent to the provinces during the relocation of
the Armenians.