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To: 3rd Army Command
Upon Corps Headquarters’s arrival in Alaca, I found 278 martyrs who were gathered in two rooms, 42 heavily wounded Muslims, other than the 48 people who managed to get away from the hands of the Armenians. Among the 278 martyrs there were raped young girls whose lungs were hung on the walls, pregnant women whose wombs were ripped, children and men whose brains were drained with bayonets or whose bodies burned with kerosene. It was an extremely tragic scene. Remembering that some 3.000 – 4.000 Armenians I have seen in Arapkir and Eğin were living in happiness in great freedom, and with equal rights, under the disguise of being partially Muslims, I could not help myself but to express my deep sorrow and heartfelt grief, right in front of the corpses, arose from this dichotomy, as I was coming from
the 2nd Corps.
March 10, 1918 Operations 397
1st Caucasian Corps Commander
Kâzım Karabekir