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All these shall be given to the preparatory commission.
Ottoman Army
Office of the Commander-in-Chief
Code sent from Kars to the Ministry of Defense
1. Armenian units have come down to the environs of Vedi and Sadarak villages, located in the immediate neighborhood of the railway on the east of Erivan, and massacred the Muslims. Ali’s son Demir Bey, and Fethi Bey’s son Bedri Bey, the notable people of the villages, are among the massacred. Some 500 – 600 Muslims had managed to cross on to the right bank of the Aras River in exhaustion and headed towards Beyazıt. Armenians are marching towards Hanihalar, located further in the south of Sadarak, butchering the Muslims.
2. Payon, an Armenian gang leader, and his forces of 1.200 men started committing massacres upon the Muslims around Nakhichevan as of December 5, 1918. They have massacred 688 people in Elmalı, 40 kilometers to the north of Nakhichevan; and 516 in Ağuş, situated at a distance of 12 kilometers in the northeast of Elmalı. Separating young women, they gathered and massacred 2.000 people in Drhmyrarah; and gathered 40 women and children in a room and set them afire. They raped Seyyid Hüseyin (one of the prominent people)’s wife in the village mosque. All the Muslim people in the region have left their homes in fear and took refuge in the cold and hunger.
Armenians took all the provisions of the villages in the south of Açmiyazin by force. The agha of the Hacıilyas village, located 15 kilometers in the southeast of Erivan, and his two friends were brought to Erivan and executed. Reliable sources reveal that 25 people were taken to an unknown place; and that the Muslim districts of Erivan – Niyebaşı, Hacıturzaları, and Gayribulak – were set afire. Although some talks have been made with the Armenian government on the issue, the attention of the Entente Powers Committee ought to be drawn to these massacres that are utterly inhumane. I here by request the issuing of orders for terminating the ever-increasing violence.
December 27, 1918
Operations 6052
9th Army Commander