Article: ermenisorunu.gen.tr  ///  02.12.2019

The period of 1918-1923 represents a painful time when a world collapsed and was replaced with a new life; when the Ottoman heritage evolved into the Republic of Turkey. During this period, the people of Anatolia have witnessed both Entente invasions and massacres and the splitting of its lands, and thus found themselves in the final stage of a war that did not come to a halt since the 1910s. One of the inseparable parts of this process is once again the Armenian Question. The fact that the question was carried on from the First World War into the years of occupation and the Turkish War of Independence and that the armed Armenian groups acted together with the English, French and the Russians – just like they did during the First World War –laid the foundations for the re-encountering of the Armenian Question on legal and military levels.

In this sense, in all of the processes related to the Armistice of Mudros, the 5th Branch Inquiry, the courts-martial and the Treaty of Sevrès, as well as to the Treaties of Alexandropol and Lausanne, are direct or indirect references to the Armenian Question. On the other hand, the fact that the armed Armenian movement, together with England and France, occupied several regions of Anatolia and the Muslim massacres they perpetrated especially in Eastern Anatolia, are among the events that should not be overlooked in the narratives and analyses of this period.

Primary headings and debates of the period can be listed as: The Armistice of Mudros and Article 24, the Enactment of Repatriation, post-war trials, problems related to the trials, Paris Peace Conference, Boghos Nubar Pasha and the Armenian National Committee, First Republic of Armenia and Avetis Aharonian, Vilayet-i Sitte – the Six Provinces, relations with the Armenians during the Turkish War of Independence, London Conference, Treaty of Sevrès, Treaty of Alexandropol, Treaties of Moscow and Kars, Lausanne Conference, population exchange, Committee of the Armenian Republic and the Armenian National Committee, Malta exiles and trials, Armenian assassinations and the French Armenian Legion.