Article:  ///  01.12.2019

Established on April 15, 1942, the Institute of the History of the Turkish Revolution has meticulously conducted activities on the Turkish War of Independence, World War I and the History of the Republic since its establishment through the collection of relevant archive documents, books and goods. The archive houses over 10,000 volumes, 100,000 digitalized documents and a vast number of photographs, stamps and collections of some newspapers. Besides the archive, about 100,000 books in the library of the Institute are put at the disposal of the researchers.


Archive catalogues can be found on the website as classified into 11 volumes. Thanks to the indexes at the end of each catalogue, the researcher can reach the identification tags of the documents relating to the subjects they are working on.

Application and Examination Procedures:

There are web pages enabling a detailed catalogue scanning regarding the archive and the library of the Institute.

Link to the archive:

Link to the library scanning:

Application conditions:

The researchers shall apply in person to the Institute of the History of the Turkish Revolution along with a letter indicating clearly the subject and the purpose of their research. (The researchers who are allowed to make research within the Institute should add two photographs to their letters.)

The researchers under the scope of official institutions and organizations shall bring their references and acquire an official letter provided from their institutions regarding the subject of their research and submit it with their letters.