Article:  ///  01.12.2019


Archives of the Turkish General Staff, Military History and Strategic Etudes (ATASE) Presidency

Thanks to its enriched resources relating to the Turkish military history, it is one of the most important archives regarding World War I. The collections in the archives contain approximately 10 million documents about intelligence, war, operations and logistic support.

Relevant Catalogues:

Collections of the archives, which were completely classified and put at researchers’ disposal:

1. Crimean War (1853-1856)
2. Serbo-Turkish War (1875-1877)
3. Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878)
4. Greco-Turkish War (1897)
5. Italo-Turkish War (1911-1912)
6. Balkan Wars (1912-1913)
7. World War I (1914-1918)
8. Turkish War of Independence (1919-1922)
9. Atatürk Collection

Consisting of 3,671,470 documents including the period between 20 March, 1913 and 5 April 1923, the World War I Collection contains orders and correspondences on miscellaneous subjects and reports on personnel activities, health, supply, food, lodging, administrative affairs, mobilization, journals, troop movements, various land assaults and maritime operations. Moreover, the catalogue holds news published both in national and international press about military and political events and correspondences relating to personnel affairs and health issues.

Application and Examination Procedures:

Based in Ankara, the archives do not have a website enabling a catalogue search. Turkish and foreign scholars, researchers associated with official institutions and General Staff ATASE Presidency are allowed to make use of the archives. Researchers who want to have access to the archives are required to fill out an “Application Form and Written Engagement” (along with a photo attached) and identification card copy (passport and identification card for the foreigners).

Link to application form and written engagement: