Article:  ///  01.12.2019

It is a rich archive containing the registers and documents both regarding real estates within national boundaries and the ones which stayed beyond national boundaries following the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Relevant Catalogues:

Land register books (Kuyud-i Kadime)
Legal proceedings-Record books (within our national boundaries)
Legal proceedings-Record books (beyond our national boundaries)
Counterpart deeds, hypothec documents and hypothec cancellation registers
Counterpart land register
Table-mahzen books
Registrations of village and highland borders and pasture allocation decisions

Application and Examination Procedures:

The Archives do not have a website enabling a catalogue search.

Natural or legal persons, who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey or their attorneys, and foreigners or their attorneys who entered Turkey through legal ways should fill out an “Application Form and Written Engagement” in order to make a demand for having access to the State Archives and submit it in person or by mail to the Directorate under which the archives are governed along with a copy of the ID (copies of the passport and the identification card for the foreigners). The attorneys should do the same; however, they should also submit their power of attorneys. In addition, the applications could also be submitted to the embassies or the consulates of the Republic of Turkey in foreign countries. These representation offices communicate the applications to the Directorate under which the archives are governed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The applications are concluded within two weekdays while the applications made to the representatives in foreign countries are concluded in 30 days.

Research and examination requests could be approved as exactly the same way as they were made or restricted or simply declined.

Link to the application form and written engagement: